Deals, Deals & More Deals....Lessons Along The Way Baby!

So you're making a name for yourself in the poker industry and now you have deals coming your way. Over the years I've learned a lot baby and I'm going to share my personal lessons with you!

#1. I Never Negotiate A Deal Myself Baby! 

In the beginning I thought I was capable of negotiating and doing my own deals, boy was I wrong and short changed myself baby! I believe you're best off to have someone else do this for you. It's well worth the commission they take to make the deal! They're able to negotiate the deal without any emotion involved while understanding your value. This is hard to do when you're trying to do it yourself baby! I personally use James Sullivan, President of Poker Royalty located here in Vegas. If you'd like to use James too, you can contact him here: James Sullivan/Poker Royalty

#2. It's Ok To Pass On A Deal Baby!

Just because a company is putting money on the table, doesn't mean it's a good match for you or what you believe in baby!  It's ok to say no to those deals! I've learned it's important to stick with companies, products and endorsements that line up with me, are a good match with myself and what I believe in! 

#3. Keep Yourself In Check Baby!

Always know your value baby! If you go around demanding an inflated price that doesn't correspond with the industry, you're going to end up without deals and other pros with the deals you originally should have gotten! You need to always understand realistically where you stand, your value and what you bring to the table. It's also important to understand that your behavior and actions on or off the tables now affect public perception of the company you represent as well as yourself!

#4. Not All Deals Work Out Baby!

While you can do all you can in researching or learning about a new/startup company that has approached you for a deal, it doesn't always work out baby! Sometimes new/startup companies that look great on paper end up failing. This is out of your control. You need to be prepared for how that will look upon you with the public in the event of this happening and decide if it's worth the risk. 

#5. Always Fulfill Your End Of The Agreement Baby!

Let's say you get a deal and while in the deal, you end up winning a huge event, hell just for fun, you win the WSOP Main Event baby! Your value just went up...way up baby! You can't go through and just not fulfill your end of the agreement because now your value has raised as you can't demand a higher price. It's not good business baby! It will get you sued for breach of contract too! Overall, you don't want to be a pain in the ass to where companies don't want to work with you or your agent sends less business your way because you cause issues in your deals.

#6 Bonus Clauses Are Always Good To Have Baby!

Bonus clauses are great to have built into your contract baby! Examples can be: final table, major industry magazine covers and win bonuses. These are a win-win for both you and the company you're representing. Again, this is where it's best to have someone else, like your agent handle your agreements to cover the various bases that can change based upon outcomes of future events. 

#7 Never Hurts To Give More Baby! 

Let's say you get hired for a two hour event/appearance. Most will go in and check their watch, and as soon as those two hours are up, they split! If you don't have another event or something you have to go to immediately, what's it hurt to give them a little more time? What's wrong with leaving them on a happy note, happy to have hired you, make them feel like it was the best idea to have thought of you. Nothing's wrong with that! If you make it memorable for them, they'll remember you for their next event baby!  

Always be grateful baby! Over the years, poker has changed so much. When I started out I never would have thought I'd be in tv commercials, on the face of video games, trading cards, ambassador/spokesman for casinos (brick & mortar as well as virtual), appear in movies and so much more! Enjoy everything that comes your way when you're moving up in your career baby!


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