Get Out Of Your Own Way Baby!

Believe it or not, I struggle with confidence baby! Recently my wife taught me a saying "get out of your own way". I think we all have fears. These fears; fear of failure and even fear of success creates road blocks in our minds. Our mind will play tricks on us and tell us we can't do this or do that because of this or that only to justify why we can’t do something! I believe that listening to those demons within are only showing you the “easy” way out! They serve only one purpose; to come in, catch you off guard and steal your dreams baby!

This one is a hard one baby! One that to this day even I have to work on almost daily. There’s two methods I use to help myself when my personal demons are creeping into my mind with these road blocks. Before I can even address them, I have to become aware they’re there. I then talk to myself, look back on moments in my life that I had the strength and courage to face head on, push through and succeed to draw current strength within by telling myself “look at what I did, I can do this too”. The second thing I do is to stay so focused in the moment and on the task at hand baby! When you stay focused and so zoned in, like there’s nothing else going on around you and you’re in your own little world, nothing, not even doubt will creep into your mind because you leave no room for it baby!

Do you struggle with this too? How do you deal with this? Comment below and share with me and all the others baby!

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