Are You Going To Let A Two Letter Word Stop You baby?!

So many times I get asked to do private paid coaching. I always say "No" baby! You might wonder why I would always say no as I love to help others anyway I can. 

You see, when I was little boy I always went around with my Mom as she gambled. When she'd go to the bathroom she'd ask me to pick up her hand and I did. My Dad each and every time he'd catch me gambling he'd beat the shit out of me baby! I'm not talking about just getting an ass whooping, I'm talking about getting hung upside down, butt naked out front for all to see with him using a gas station hose whipping. With skin pulling off of me and blood everywhere, it never stopped me from gambling baby!

If you think about it, if you really want something bad enough and it's your heart's desire, would you ever let something as simple as a two letter word such as "no" stop you? This is why I always say no because I think if you want something bad enough, there's nothing, no pain or anything out there that can truly stop you baby! When asked to help, I either don't respond or respond with a "no". How bad do you really want it baby? Never stop going after what you feel is in your heart for you, your calling baby!

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