My Idol In Poker

When I started out in poker I always heard of this one guy...Stu Ungar. Everything everyone say about him made him sound like he was bigger than life baby! I had to check this guy out for myself. I went around town until I found him and did nothing but watch how he set people up, how he acted in and out of a hand, how he laughed, his focus. Yes, Stu was everything everyone ever said he was...larger than life baby! He had a finesse about him in the way he played. Watching him was like poetry in motion! 

I never forget my first time being able to play $150/$300 Omaha Hi/Lo Split cash game at the Four Queens with Stu. After studying him for a long time I knew what I was up against baby! Trying to keep my nerves in check wasn’t easy to do. But then I realized, I felt like I “knew” him, but doubted he “knew” me. I knew I had an advantage from studying him and had to calm myself down, & take my seat. No table talk occurred between the two of us, but I will never forget the looks we’d give each was like he did “know” me, like he knew all of the table crushing I was doing at that time baby! The way he’d have his head tilted down, looking over at me with his eyeballs scanning me above his glasses. He knew. Yes, we danced a few hands with me prevailing. That was when I realized, I have to be me. I can’t look and admire someone else to the point to want to be them, you will never be someone else, you have to be you and be the best you you can be baby! If it wasn’t for Stu, I don’t think I’d be who I am today. He gave me the insight I needed to better myself and to be me and to become me, The Prince of Poker baby! 

Stu is and always will be one, if not the greatest in poker baby! His life was way too short and made such a gigantic impact on poker that will be never forgotten and forever in the history books along with in our hearts baby!

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