Never Stop Learning Baby!

Change. They say “change is good”, it ain’t easy baby but they’re right! Everything around us is always changing—evolving. No Limit Hold’em, a game that’s never changed, has had some changes over the years in the strategy of how it’s played.

Nowadays everyone is crunching numbers in their heads, running odds/statistics with probabilities of the likeliness of winning with a particular hand and betting strategically based upon all of the factors taken in. Why would this be important to learn when we all know there’s factors of the game that will forever remain constant and variable—the human aspect and this unknown, non-physical thing we all call “luck”? It’s simple baby! Have you ever sat down at a table and figured out someone to be a “tight” player or even an “aggressive” player? How do you beat them? You can’t beat someone at your game, you must beat them at their game baby! You must become like a chameleon and change up your play based upon the play of your opponents baby! Sure you can beat a tight or aggressive player by getting “lucky” on them, but if you look at the odds, that strategy is not to your best advantage for the long term baby! 

Take a look at football. When a team is done playing, first they look over and critique how they played, then they study how their next opponents play. What are their strengths and weaknesses? If they run a stronger offense, then you must up your defense game baby! They become a chameleon and change up the way they play to beat the opponents at their own game baby! 

Does this make sense to you baby? 

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